Tweeting at work is a good idea?

22 Jan

I cannot express to any of you the amount of times I’ve wanted to tweet at work, update my Facebook status on the job, or comment on a funny YouTube video that I’ve watched during my lunch break. I mean, we’ve all thought about that, right? But what’s holding us back is the daunting office tasks of the workplace, the fear of dilly-dallying online to the point of it being a problem, and the fact that, well, work is a place for work–not for personal social networking. Or is it?


I guess I’ve been lucky–every job I’ve had has been in social media and those types of actions are encouraged, even if they’re only from a company standpoint. I’ve been able to quench my thirst for social networking throughout an 8-hour work day–at least partially– in this way.

And after reading Suzanne Vera’s post (which you can find here) about social media actually improving your productivity at work, I got a little excited, to be honest. I may approach my communications supervisor and share this blog with her–I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it, at the very least.

Suzanne writes about how social networking while working improves an employee’s ability to multitask, and how some scientists say that “a reasonable escape into the world of social media may be providing young workers with a healthy productivity-increasing mental break.” Now I know that’s only a maybe, but isn’t that interesting? Could it be that the very thing we’ve been told not to do is what could help us succeed? I mean, I’m grasping at straws a little bit here, but it’s intriguing!

Maybe we should think of our personal social media like candy–it’s good to have little pieces every once in a while to satisfy our sweet tooth. But we shouldn’t eat too much, or we could get a stomachache and spoil our appetite. Hmm. Food for thought?

One Response to “Tweeting at work is a good idea?”

  1. Matt January 23, 2013 at 2:45 am #

    I can see it now – “Farmville increases work place productivity”. I can see how Tweeting would work, since it’s a shorter process. And yes, you’re right on the candy analogy – too much spoils the appetite.

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